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Emma Stone Fans
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1st-Aug-2012 11:44 pm(no subject)
01-24 gossip girl
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here @ shalowater

Here's our girl's very first talk show appearance. Adorable, wasn't she?  (^@,^)

I'm gonna start posting all my Emma Stone goodies in here.  :)
18th-Apr-2009 07:41 am - Gorgeous Emma Stone Video

I found this video online and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous! I wish we can get HQ's of this photoshoot. It looks awesome!

17th-Apr-2009 04:18 pm - Welcome!

Hello! I was searching for a proper Emma Stone community and found out there really is none so I thought it's high time someone opened one. I think Emma is a wonderful actress and given the right material, she could rapidly rise to A-list stardom in a few short years.

This community is for everyone who loves Emma and her work. Please feel free to join this community and express your love for our darling Emma.


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